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iPhone's grandma

I don’t know what is going on with all this Apple hype, but there is a huge danger to it: falling from up high. In politics or business, no person or company benefiting from such a crazed hype and popularity rate has been able to maintain it for long. The other side of love is hate, and the other side of lots of love can be lots of hate and disappointment.

While their products are good and cool (some of them, but expensive all of them), no free market product is worth staying in line for hours. They have, though, a base of super crazed and super faithful customers. However, these strong feelings represent a liability for Apple in case “something” happens. And this something could be just as simple as a leaked e-mail from Apple mocking its customers or plotting how to lie on them.

Plus, don’t you think these lines and the fact that they always keep running “out of stock” whenever they launch a new product and need publicity. Now, how much of a moron can they be if they cannot plan in advance so that they have a sufficient enough stock for the launch of a product? Guessing they’re not morons, they just want to manipulate the consumer in thinking their iPhone is so precious that it’s out of stock. Cheap manipulation, but it works with the masses.

meanwhile, all kind of iPhone problems: