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joke of the day

A terrorist blows himself up and goes up to Heaven where he sees St. Peter at the Pearly Gates and says, “Are you Mohammed?”

St. Peter says. “No, he’s further up.”

He walks up further and sees Jesus. “Are you Mohammed?”

Jesus says, “No, he’s further up…”

Walks on further and sees God with a big beard. “You must be Mohammed!”

“No,” says God, “I’m God, take a seat. Would you like tea?”

The terrorist sits down and says, “Yes, please, I’d love some tea.”

God calls out loudly “Mohammed! Two teas now and make it quick!”

joke of the day

Moshe Kohn opens a Kosher restaurant in London and puts a notice in the window
A couple of days later, a person of obviously Arab origin walks in and requests a
sandwich – so the cashier quickly runs into Moshe’s office asking what to do.
Moshe decides that he really doesn’t want a scandal, so he orders “OK, give him the
sandwich, but charge him double – that should teach him.”
But the next day the same Arab is back again – this time for a full lunch.
Moshe decides “Charge him triple, he’ll get the lesson this time!”
The Arab eats his lunch, pays without a quibble, praises the food and even asks for a
reservation for 10 of his friends for the same evening.
Moshe decides “OK, let him have the reservation, but if his friend do come, charge them
The Arabs appear in the evening, have a large dinner, pay without complaining and even
tip generously.
The next day Moshe puts a new sign in the window: “JEWS NOT WELCOME.”