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Wacky news


– Republican Chris Lee (the newly resigned republican) claims he was doing online research for a legislative proposal when he posted half-naked pictures in order to meet women. Bill Clinton is said to be upset that he did not think about this excuse.

– Madonna is said to be very upset about the controversy with Lady Gaga stealing one of her old hit songs. Sources close to her state she was so upset, you could even see a wrinkle on her face. She was only able to exercise for 8 hours today.

– Jennifer Aniston is in talks to the the lead star in the next Bachelorette show, the stars version.

– Lady Gaga decided to put an end to the debate on which came first, the chicken or the egg. She showed up at the Grammy’s in an egg, to actually state that she came first.

– Snooki decided to write a “tell-all” book on her love and alcohol adventures before Jersey Shore. The first 2 volumes will get on the market bu the end of this year.

– In order to help make the transition to a mature audience, Justin Bieber will collaborate with Eminem on a hip-hop album.

Disclaimer: these news are not intended to inform, but to dis-inform. No fact-check has been done and, as a matter of fact, there could be no facts.