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Wacky news

- The new face adjustments and surgeries of Bristol Palin are said to be a preparation for her pictorial in Playboy. Her relationship with her mom is not going well, so Bristol is trying to take advantage of her 15 minutes of fame and maybe even get into the Hollywood scene. Plus, the publicity can’t hurt Sarah Palin’s potential campaign.

– The new weather issues faced by the US, and especially the new floods, are said to be artificially provoked by the Chinese, with the help of some new cloud control technology discovered in cooperation with the Russians. The bad news is that they might also intend to sell a copy of the device to a terrorist organization. The good news is that it will be manufactured in China, and with their quality, the probability to fail is high.

– Due to their shameful performance, the players from the Lakers’ are soon to be doing community service in order to get paid. The management of the team is trying to motivate them and give something back to the community. Of course, besides bad play. Due to their physical abilities, the city plans to use the players in graffiti cleaning and in some bird nests removal activities.

– Jimmy Fallon’s recent jokes on Jay Leno’s expense, related to his denim love, are actually the start of a promo campaign for Jay Leno’s new fashion line, which will launch July 1st. It will include denim clothing and accessories directed to jeans and car lovers, and will also give part of the profits to the NASCAR foundation. This is just the first step, Leno also planning to launch a line of auto accessories by the end of the year.

Disclaimer: these news are not intended to inform, but to dis-inform. No fact-check has been done and, as a matter of fact, there could be no facts.