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Wacky news

- The French are unhappy that their president is not a huge fan of wine (for real). On the other hand, after having a president like Yeltsin, who went drunk to most of his meetings, the Russians are thinking of awarding Sarkozy a high national distinction.

– Sarah Palin is in talks of auctioning her gun collection in case she decides to run for president. She intends not only to raise funds, but states that, once President, she won’t be needing it. Secret Service will always be around ready to borrow her their arsenal, and even shoot for her if needed (a caribou or a bear).

– Charlie Sheen is in discussions of taking over Glenn Beck’s Fox job. Charlie’s pitch is that he is not far from the conservative Republicans’ way of doing things, he wants to protect women and make everybody happy. About his partying and womanizing ways, he stated that this is what Republicans do anyway, not in the spotlight, but behind closed and secretive doors. His critics agree with this assertion, but state that most key Republican drugs and sex scandals were actually gay, which makes a difference compared to his womanizer life. Moreover, Republicans think Sheen would be closer to the Democrats, who at least womanize publicly. Anyway, specialists say he would be able to attract Fox viewers through similar Beck strategies of troll fighting.

Disclaimer: these news are not intended to inform, but to dis-inform. No fact-check has been done and, as a matter of fact, there could be no facts.